Australian WW1 Propaganda

The main purpose of propaganda in Australia was used to conscript soldiers to fight in the first World War. At first Australia agreed to send 20,000 men and they used propaganda to put forward service as glamorous, prestigious and heroic. What propaganda failed to do was talk about the vast amount of casualties which were involved in the first World War. Propaganda was expressed through three main sources: literature, media and film. Propaganda was also used to maintain public anger about German atrocities and to idealize Australian soldiers. One of the largest forms of propaganda was to conscript large amounts of people to join the Australian Army.
Propaganda was one of the main forms that the Australian Government used to influence Australians to join the army. It made Australians think that they need to keep their promise with Britain and therefore it encouraged more Australians to join the army, because if they didn't join they would feel like they failed their country and broke their promise with Britain.
Propaganda was a very effective way to help the Australian Government keep their promises with allied countries and also to get Australian's to enlist in the army. Propaganda was often very misleading because the Australian public did not know what went on in the war and the number of casualties which were faced. Propaganda was also used to help idealise soldiers who are already fighting and make the Australian public feel like they are not doing anything to help and therefore enlisting in the army. Propaganda has both good and bad sides, however if it wasn't for this propaganda we may not have been able to defend ourselves in the first World War.

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