Marijuana and Cocaine Propaganda

An interesting collection of Ant-Drug propaganda, faithfully reproduced by World of Art and printed on quality 200gsm-thick four-star Green Star eco-friendly paper with a soft-satin low-sheen finish reducing the gloss effect allowing for a wider perspective of the image from different angles. Green star system approved paper is a universally recognised eco-responsibility paper based on the origin of the fibre and the manufacturing process. Using high quality inks for a longer lasting effect you can be assured your poster will be with you for years to come. All our posters are standard A3 size and look beautiful with or without frames but if you're thinking of framing then a standard A3 frame will fit perfectly. All posters come with a thin white border. We have over 12,000 posters in stock so please do check back in regularly for new items as we list them as quickly as possible.

Please note before ordering all our posters are reproduction posters 
Standard A3 Size
16.53" x 11.69"
42cm x 29.7cm
420mm x 297mm
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The 1960s was a wonderful time for anti-drug propaganda. The establishment, losing the death-grip of conformity that was easily maintained in the ’50s, felt seriously threatened by the rising tide of counterculture, and they prepared plenty of public service announcements and propaganda films to prove what kind of threats it posed while at the same time, it appears if you look more closely at some of the artwork, tempting people into the very thing they are claiming to fight against. Perhaps some of the artists were playing a cunning double-role.

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