Iiya Chashnik

Ilya Grigorevich Chashnik, 1902 to 1929, born in Lucyn, Russian Empire, currently Ludza, Latvia, was a suprematist artist, a pupil of Kazimir Malevich and a founding member of the UNOVIS school. Chashnik was notably able in a variety of media and was known for his inexhaustible inventiveness and ability to apply Suprematist principles to virtually all forms of art, including easel painting. He painted, was proficient in metalwork, and designed ceramics produced at the Imperial Porcelain Factory. He became enamoured of the work of Kazimir Malevich, the mastermind of Suprematism and El Lissitzky also mentored Chashnik briefly before departing to Western Europe. Toward the end of the decade Chashnik married Cecilia Gorodneva, who gave birth to their son, also named Ilya, in 1929. Unfortunately, the greater avant-garde painter and innovator died during a botched appendix operation that same year. Despite his early death, he remains one of Malevich’s most distinguished disciples and a memorable partisan of Suprematism.

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