Pal (Jean de Paleologue)

Jean de Paleologu, known more widely as PAL was a Romanian poster artist, painter, and illustrator, born in 1885 and produced some wonderful artwork in both France and America. Born in Bucharest, he trained in England, then returned to Romania and attended a military academy before visiting London again several times and moving to Paris more permanently. Pal illustrated Petits poèmes russes - Small Russian Poems -  by Catulle Mendès which was published by Charpentier in 1893. His work also appeared in many periodicals including Vanity Fair, Strand Magazine, New York Herald Tribune, Plume, Rire, Cocorico, Froufrou, Sans-Gêne and Vie en Rose. He also painted portraits of comedians and music-hall performers and created some of the most influential poster advertisements for bicycle manufacturers and cycling events, often featuring beautiful women
A lovely collection of his work is available here on World of Art all faithfully reproduced for the pleasure and interest of all of us

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