'Angkor' in 1930's

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Classic Cambodian Travel 250gsm Gloss Art Card Reproduction A3 Poster
One of the world’s poorest countries, Cambodia is bordered by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos and by the Gulf of Thailand in the South. The Mekong, one of the world’s longest rivers, runs through the country.
Capital and largest city is Phnom Penh, a city where Cambodia’s colonial past is clearly visible in the old French quarters architecture.
Much of Cambodia has a rural character with rice fields scattered over the country. Cambodia is a Buddhist country with a largely conservative population. Most of its people are involved in small scale farming.
Tourism is one of the fastest growing sources of income and employment for the country, with the magnificent Khmer era temples of the Angkor Archeological Park being the main attraction.
A3 Size is 42cm x 29cm or in inches it's 16.53" x 11.69"

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