'Kemari' by Tachibana Morikuni in the 1700's

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A Wonderful 250gsm Gloss Art Card A3 Reproduction Poster
Tachibana Morikuni was a leading eighteenth century painter, illustrator and writer. He was a master of both Kano and Tosa styles. A student of Tsuruzawa Tanzan, Morikuni lived and worked in Osaka. His major illustrated books include, Ehon Koji-dan (1714), Morokoshi Kimmo-zui (1719), Ehon shaho-bukuro (1720), Gaten tsuko (1727), Honcho gaen (1729), Utai gashi (1732), Ehon oshukubai (1740) and Umpitsu soga (1749). Floral Study originates from the last named volume. Umpitsu soga, a three volume set, was actually published a year after Tachibana Morikuni's death. Umpitsu soga, translated as the Moving Brush in Rough or Rapid Painting dealt mostly with studies of animals, birds and flowers. Designed in the academic Kano style, his woodcuts are very early examples of producing graduated tones and lines by scraping the blocks in order to simulate the effects of actual brushwork
A3 Size is 42cm x 29cm or in inches it's 16.53" x 11.69"

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