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Classic Russian Space Propaganda 250gsm Gloss Art Card Reproduction A3 Poster
Space propaganda is about achievements in space science and technology that are used as propaganda. Space propaganda was used during the Cold War, and is also used today.
During the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union were in an ideological battle. In the course of this conflict was the demonstration that each side was superior to the other. One of the ways that both countries demonstrated this was achievements in military and technological means. Both sides used this as a form of political warfare and at times public diplomacy.
Space propaganda was used throughout the space race, and played a critical part.
Propaganda helps when new technologies are invented, and are very useful marketing techniques. When new scientific breakthroughs occur it is vital that the public be made aware of the significance of such breakthroughs. This makes the public more receptive and understanding of change and progress. Demonstrating these changes, and having the public understand them, is key to instilling the right emotional response.
A3 Size is 42cm x 29cm or in inches it's 16.53" x 11.69"

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